"1 + 1"

Duration of the exhibition: November 11th through December 23th 2011

Hellmut Bruch - Licht und Proportionen
Gerhard Frömel - Wechselnde Wahrnehmung

Gerhard Frömel explores the complexity of the simplicity of geometric shapes, while Helmut Bruch captures the proportions of nature and the illusiveness of light itself – The outcome, in both cases, are exciting and challenging objects and sculptures, which enter into a dialog in the exhibition "1+1".

Helmut Bruch – Licht und Proportion
Immaterial, transcendent, organic – that is how the beholder perceives Helmut Bruch’s work. The Austrian artist creates this effect trough his unique use of light and proportion: The fluorescent, transparent acrylic glas bundles the natural light and emits it, collectedly, at the edges of the engraved shapes. The work seems to glow from inside. Using the Fibonacci-Sequence to determine the shape and size of every line, Bruch creates an inherent logic in his pieces.

Gerhard Frömel – Wechselnde Wahrnehmung
Perfect craftsmanship and strict minimalism, that’s the first impression of Gerhard Frömel’s work. Only if the beholder takes a second look, interacts with the object, enters into a dialogue with it, he will then discover its true complexity. It is this ability to transform, depending on the beholders action and position, that is the Austrian artists main objective. This way he underlines the sculptural aspect of his work