Storck-Brundrett und Weber - Drinnen Draussen

Duration: July 1st through July 31st 2010

Barbara Storck-Brundrett:

Studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt under Bernhard Jäger and Nicole van den Plas

Uta Weber:

Studied at the Kustakademien Münster and Düsseldorf under Prof. Timm Ulrichs, Masterclass

In her series “Unruhekissen” (disquiet pillow), Barbara Storck-Brundrett creates objects, which comprise an entire fabricated little world, where life guard-fish, safety-mice and wanderlust-ointment offer remedy for any circumstance.

“The work of Uta Weber creates and occupies a truly unique position in contemporary art. It is her power of imagination, which convinces us and manifests itself in the concept as well as the formulation of her work.”
(Prof. Timm Ulrichs)

Blick in die Ausstellung

Uta Weber

Uta Weber, Autolack auf Polyurethan

Barbara Storck-Brundrett

Barbara Storck-Brundrett, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand